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We invest in companies in the initial stages of their development and therefore in innovative ideas and creative entrepreneurs. We support the most talented and diligent people in their development, realization of ambitious goals and achieving successes of the companies managed by them.

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Each new day is an opportunity for us to enrich our know-how, creating the best solutions and improvement. In this way we maximize ours effectiveness so as to be able to meet the most demanding needs at any time customers. Client’s satisfaction is the driving force of WTM investments.



All-in-one Software for dietitians and nutritionists that helps create and run successful diets with their patients. Web platform, mobile and smartwatch makes dietitian’s work more efficient, saves time, creates customer’s habits.


1st and fastest growing marketplace in Poland dedicated for dietitians and customers, where you can find and schedule a visit with your chosen dietician.


High-performance platform for e-mail and SMS-based marketing and information campaign management and implementation. Bluebits stands for effective and intuitive systems for: planning, designing, forecasting, implementing, analyzing, integrating communication processes of your organization in areas of e-mail and SMS-based marketing campaigns and one-off information projects.


Quality Factory is a training brand by Soflab Technology. We offer both accredited and certified training of recognized international organizations such as iSQI, ISTQB or Scaled Agile Inc. as well as author training adjusted accordingly to respective needs and expectations of our customers. All courses are conducted by experts involved in projects for the largest corporations in Europe on a day-to-day basis. It allows the course participants to gain knowledge based on solid and vast real life experiences.


WTM investment

WTM is a private investment company owned by the Górski family. We provides accounting, tax, HR and payroll services to businesses.
WTM means entrepreneurship, initiative, courage and sense of responsibility.


2BITS is a dynamic company whose market presence has continued for nearly 8 years. 2BITS is known of being specialized in tailoring IT systems matching individual needs of customers, Business Process Management (BPM) and document flow solutions as well as education (e-learning) platforms.

Soflab Technology

Soflab Technology is the market leader in testing and quality assurance of ICT solutions. By offering top-quality services, we support our clients in ensuring the reliability of implemented software and maintaining business continuity. We provide accurate reports on the quality of inspected IT solutions.


Our qualified team is able to help to create the idea of ​​a fully working system, ranging from matching the right tools to it, using the latest technologies and solutions to ensure reliability on a technical side and during business management, including the business continuity.


Spotbeans is a young dynamic software development house with international professional experience. It is privately held and established in 2015 with its headquarters in Szczecin, Poland.

Winged IT

Winged IT is a fast-growing independent IT Human Resources supplier with a focus on programming, project management, QA, and business analysis.
We provide both IT specialists outsourcing services, as well as staffing solutions depending on the needs of our customers.


We help CIOs of IT organizations who are grappling with aging mainframe systems, a shortage of mainframe talented resources to support them, and the retirement of key personnel. Our dedicated team of strategy, technology, and implementation professionals will work with you to understand and evaluate your current state and customize a solution to meet your specific business needs.


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